Friday, May 4, 2012

She Art Class by Christy Tomlinson

 I am taking an online art course for the first time. The course is an older one by Christy Tomlinson called She Art. There are lots of videos to watch and directions for creating the ladies from paper, paint, and other media. This is my background board which I covered with papers and tissue tape.  They are Mod Podged onto an 8x10 canvas board.

After allowing all the glue to dry, I added texture and interest to the background using acrylic paint and stamps.  This is the hardest part for me. Figuring out what makes the background interesting versus what makes it look messy is tricky to me. Christy T. says not to worry about making it look perfect, just gets lots of little details on the canvas.

Here is my first girl minus the details and sketching which are supposed to go on top of the paper and painting. Love the hairdo, which I was most concerned about getting right. Also, I will definitely play around more with the dress shapes in the future. (I am going to want my girls to be snappy dressers!)

She is not finished yet, but I am happy with her progress so far.

Gale C. Lewis

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