Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lanyards and Key Fobs

No quilts to show here, but I have done some sewing.  I needed a new lanyard and key fob for work, so I whipped up some.  These are the extra ones I made for sale.


Owl Purse

Purse I made a for a co-worker. She admired the purse I made for myself for back to school, but she wanted something slightly smaller. She also wanted it made with an owl print, which I had on hand.

This is made with the What a Hoot Owls Stripe fabric. I used a green swirly fabric for the lining.

The long strap is made from cotton webbing. The purse closes with Velcro.

Hope she likes it!


Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Lunch Sacks

Creativity is running on overdrive here today.  I made two new lunch sacks and they are already packed with Monday and Tuesday's lunches.

Each lunch sack used approximately 2 fat quarters and are fully lined. There were a few scraps left over from the FQs. The bottoms are squared to sit flat and there is a drawstring to keep my food from tumbling out in my purse.

Now, if the laundry would just fold itself, I could call myself ready for the work-week.


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bohemian Babes Bag for Back to School

I had a yard of this Bohemian Babes fabric by Michael Miller. (I wish now that I had more of it.) About 3 weeks ago I started making this bag.  It is a simple tote bag with a boxed bottom. I drew up plans for the bag I wanted and cut the pieces I needed.

I quilted them with some Warm and Wonderful batting. I even did a little decorative quilting to highlight the pattern in the fabric. So far, so good.

Then I started working on the lining. I bought some pre-quilted fabric and cut it to the wrong size. I did not know it was the wrong size until I had made pockets for the inside of the bag and had already sewn them in.

Then I had to think about how to proceed from there. I went back to the fabric store and bought some more pre-quilted fabric. I decided I did not like it and it is folded up waiting for another chance to be used. More thinking and time not spent completing this purse I wanted for back to school.

Then I remembered that I had some nice printed canvas and it turned out to be the right size when I re-measured the shell of the bag. Yay!  I made some pockets from an additional canvas scrap and sewed them on.  I wish I could get a good picture of the inside of the bag, but the pockets turned out to be camera shy!

The straps are made with cotton webbing that were originally belts from the Dollar Tree. 2 belts made two sturdy handles for this tote. I added some of the Bohemian Babes fabric to the handles.

There are 5 pockets inside for cell phone and other items.  I made a stiff bottom to help give the bag shape and covered it with matching fabric.  

I am glad this bag is finally done and I will be using it for school starting on Monday, when the kids come back.  


Friday, August 13, 2010

No Time for Sewing This Week

Instead of sewing this week, this is what my co-worker and I have accomplished.

I am sure that once I get re-acclimated to my school schedule, I will get back into the sewing. For now, too tired!


P.S. Barbara-- I miss you, hope you are enjoying retirement!