Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Puppy and Old Dog

I picked up Kippy yesterday and then checked in to our hotel. After a rest for all of us (Kippy in his crate, Conner watching him from the bed) the two dogs got acquainted.

Finally they started to play. Kippy is very playful and sweet.  I was so glad to see Conner playing with him. I think they are going to be good companions.

Kippy has lots to learn about living in a house as he has been kept in a series of outdoor kennels his whole life.  Last night while he was out of his crate I had to keep an eagle eye on him. He wants badly to chew some electrical cords.  He also does not have a good handle on leash walking, but he did wait until he got to the grass this morning before relieving himself.

So all in all, it looks promising.


Sunday, March 6, 2011

New Dog Coming to Live With Me and Conner

Next weekend I am going to pick up this sweet-faced pup to give Conner some companionship and a wake-up call.

Conner needs someone to play with when I am not there with him and I think this rescue pup will do the trick.

It all started with the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and those Pedigree commercials. You know, the ones that talk about how shelter dogs are the ones with stories to tell and how you should adopt one right away.  That's right, I am just the kind of sentimental fool those commercials were designed for.

Well, I started looking on Petfinders to see what schnauzers were available around here.  There was a schnauzer mix puppy-- Kippy, listed. He is in Bristol, VA and after having gone through the process for adoption, I am going to fetch him home next weekend.

I won't know for sure how old or big he is until I see him and check all that out. I have found out that Welsh Terriers are supposed to be 20 pounds max and Conner (a Mini Schnauzer) has been 18 pounds for the last 4 years. Already this puppy is 18 pounds and only about 4 months old, so  I am guessing the Schnauzer he is mixed with isn't a Mini. 

Lord, help me, what if he is mixed with a Giant?  I am gonna have to give up my grandparents' bed and get a king-sized one.

Anyway, spring is coming and once I get over this bronchitis I am going to have my hands full with new puppy-itis.