Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mermaid She Art

Still working on my Christy Tomlinson class-- She Art.  Yesterday I spent some time cutting art doll parts with an electronic cutting machine. It was the first time I had used book pages in it and of course it cut like butter. The problem is that my cutting mat is already almost worn out and I am having to use tape to hold the papers in place.  I made some larger head templates and found some clothing patterns that I can cut using printed scrapbook papers.

For this mermaid I used an 8x10 canvas that I had already covered in Fluevog blue tissue paper and some Distress Inks. I decided to repurpose the canvas for a She Art project, so I added some more designs with acrylic paint.

I used a circular piece of foam pipe insulation to make the circles of orange paint. Both white and orange paint was added using a craft brayer.

The mermaid was cut using an art doll template and my Silhouette Cameo. I cut her upper body from dictionary paper and the bottom portion is scrapbook paper. I Mod Podged them down to the background and then painted over them with acrylic paints. I added hair with more paint.

I added some seashells cut from fancy luncheon napkins in sort of a heap near the bottom of the canvas. They really blend into the blue background.

I will add more details when she's good and dry. I do not have the special ink pen the instructor uses and my Sharpie will not work on damp surfaces.  I need to find a white paint pen, too.

I am having lots of fun making these. More are on the way.

Gale C. Lewis

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