Sunday, May 20, 2012

More She Art

I am still working through the She Art class videos at my own pace, making canvases as I go along.  The good thing about this class is you have access to the materials online for a year, so no deadline pressures.  (Lord knows, I have enough pressure with the high stakes testing taking place at my school these past few weeks.)

Here are two stages of a canvas that I have done some repairs on. I originally gave the girl a very unfortunate large blond bushy hairdo. It was kind of like Rosanne-Rosanna-Danna, only yellow. So this morning, I got out my exacto knife and cut several layers away from around her head to rid myself of the offending hairdo.  I like these braids much better.

I got some rubbery shelf liner and a mesh placemat at the Dollar Tree this week and have used both of them here to add texture.  I plan to add lots of paper butterflies to this canvas and some sort of sentiment to go with them.

I did this canvas this weekend. Can you tell these are hollyhocks?  I am really pleased how this one came out. I did use my Silhouette machine to cut the dress and body parts. I just cannot cut this well by hand.

Tonight I started some new backgrounds. This is the step that seems to take the longest for me because you have to get it done before you can work on your next girl. There are lots of different materials here: origami papers, book paper, tissue paper, acrylic paints, Adirondack Colorwash Sprays, Mod Podge, an aluminum grill pan (as a template for the dots.) 

I wonder how many more layers these will take on before they are ready for the next girl I design? Well those butterflies are not cutting themselves. I am not cutting them using the Silhouette machine because I forgot to add registration marks when I printed it. Now it has to be cut by hand or wasted. I am too stingy with my printer ink to waste them, so hand cutting it will be.  Blurrrrggg!

One week then a few weeks of freedom before summer session!

Happy crafting!

Gale C. Lewis

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