Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Layers and Layers and Layers

From one of my online buddies, Barb, I found out about these cool digital frame effects that can transform your photos with just a few clicks of the mouse. The site is http://pixlr.com/express/  and it has many different textures you can add to your pictures. I have always wondered how Tim Holtz and others have made these grungy looking edges to their photos. I cannot afford Photoshop and this is a free alternative. Check it out!

 These She Art canvases are not projects that are quick finishes for me. I look at them and think, "Let me add one more layer of texture, stamps, paint or something." Then another layer and more staring at the canvas to see what else is missing.
I have a set of about 8 Tim Holtz Distress Markers and the other day I bought some additional markers at Michaels called Stamp Markers by American Crafts. The interesting thing about them is they look exactly like the TH markers, except for the text on the barrels of the markers. I am sure they are not the same formula of ink inside. I was looking for some more Distress Markers at the big box store, but they did not have any. I am getting hooked on being able to use a brush end marker to add details and additional color to my canvases. I even got some workable fixative spray so that I can seal the markers before adding more Mod Podge.
 This canvas features a dress made with layers of patterned scrapbook paper and highlighted with red acrylic paint. The flowers are paper ones that I Mod Podged down and then went over with some more paint and markers. I also used some old reading flash cards that were destined for the trash bin.

Here is the final version of this canvas. I redid the hairdo, added butterflies and hand wrote the sentiment, "Take wing and fly." It has so many layers of paper, paint and marker I cannot even count them.  I wish I had not hand written the words on it. I am never satisfied with my handwriting and once it's on there it's on for good.

Summer has finally started for me and I look forward to a long string of days in which my time is my own with no alarm clock ringing at 5 a.m. 
Happy Crafting!

Gale C. Lewis

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