Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cute Goat Girl

 Still working on my She Art class by Christy Tomlinson and I have veered from the directions (as usual) to make it my own.  She does not tell how to make mermaids and goat girls, but I am using her directions and adapting them to my ideas.

This canvas started with a picture from an animal magazine of this little goat (or deer maybe) with the largest eyes and longest eyelashes. I knew right away that I wanted to make her into a girl.

This week in the class I am learning about how to make the dresses more detailed and interesting. I used strips of the blue paper to make the dress look pleated. I added a belt and then embellished the dress with scraps of lace. The hairbow is made from the same paper as the dress.

The background of this 5x7 foam core board was made with tissue paper over which I glued strips of blue and green papers. I added some green glitter glue and blue paint. Once all that was dry, I stamped on the rectangles and the circle using acrylic paint and old wooden blocks.

For the sentiment, I used my Tim Holtz Chitchat stickers and doodled around them with a black Sharpie. Let me tell you, doodling over dried glitter glue is not easy.

One of the hardest things for me about this class is adding the doodles and embellishments and not worrying if they do not look perfect. I am not skilled at sketching and I know that shows in my doodling.

I have already given this one away to my friend Heather.

I am only halfway through the Week 2 videos and there is still another week to go after that.  I am learning so much!

Happy Crafting!

Gale C. Lewis

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  1. Thought about taking this class. I love Christy's work. I think this is adorable. Looks like you are having fun making it your own. Thanks for sharing.


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