Monday, June 14, 2010

I Need a Modern Local Quilt Shop

I had a whole list of things I needed from the fabric/quilt shops, so I went into Cville and visited 2 stores.  One was the "real" quilting store and the other was Joann Fabrics. 
The quilting store has lots of repro prints, some kids prints, lots of traditional calico type fabrics, and almost NO modern quilt fabric.  They did have lots of Christmas fabrics. I asked the helpful sales lady if she had any Plume by Tula Pink and she looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language!  She had never heard of that fabric line. 
The only Kona solid they had was Snow (off white) and not what I needed.  This is the second time in as many months I have visited this shop and not been impressed by what they had available.  The inventory is definitely behind the times as far as what is currently being offered by manufacturers. Thank goodness for online sales!
So then I went to Joann's. Now that store gets a bad rap among quilters and sometimes that bad rap is deserved. But not today.
They had 90 inch Kona bright white and the exact Kona bright pink I needed. I also found some Buttercup yellow that I used in my Streets of New York quilt. (I needed more for binding.) I also scored some Kona Coal and Kona Ash.  That guy who let me in front of him at the cutting table was sorry he did so by the time my pile was finished.
I was able to get a bobbin winder on sale.  I needed this because my Janome TB12 has a really tight hand wheel and when I try to disengage the needle to wind a bobbin I cannot turn it. So the bobbin winds while the needle is speeding up and down going nowhere fast.  I do not like it, so bobbin winder to the rescue. Now I can spare the machine's motor and not have to stop and rethread the machine after bobbin winding.
I picked up two queen sized batts of Warm and Wonderful for $15 each.  All in all a good day at the fabric store.  I came home and wound 6 bobbins full of white thread!
I also worked on a stacked coins quilt top, but the pictures I took came out lousy. I am going to have to iron the flimsy before photographing it again. Maybe tomorrow.

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  1. Hi Gale!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog~ I am a big fan of Pleasant home and had to take a look at your quilt~I love the bright colors and Jodis' templates makes it so easy~
    I'm glad you scored at Joanns~ I buy a lot of my fabric online at the They have great sales on pre-cuts and of course all the new lines~But there is nothing like a great quiltshop I agree!


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