Saturday, May 29, 2010

Streets of New York City Quilt Top

This was a fun quilt top to make. Last night I was looking through tons of quilt photos on Flickr and I saw a few of these split block quilts. Then I got to thinking about the cool stash of New York City fabrics I have from the City Quilter.

All of the fabrics in the quilt top with the exception of the solid yellow came from a fat quarter pack my aunt Glory bought for me on one of her trips to Manhattan this winter. When she and I went to NYC before Christmastime we did not even know of the store's existence and were quite put out that we missed out on the opportunity to shop there.  

I found some yellow Kona cotton in my stash and started tearing narrow strips less than 2 inches wide. I cut a 12 inch square from each of the fabrics and a couple more for good measure. I ended up with 12 squares and a pile of yellow strips.

Here is a tutorial )from the fabulous Elizabeth Hartman of Oh, Fransson!) on how to make these blocks. After cutting and sewing all 12 blocks I decided that they needed sashing in yellow to make the street effect complete and to help the "roads" meet up.  I trimmed and joined the blocks in a 4x3 arrangement.

I love how this came out!  The yellow echoes the shapes of the subway map fabrics and reminds me of the streets which veer off into various directions. I am thinking that the quilting for this one will follow the yellow strips.
I am also thinking of making a smaller version for a wall hanging, but I am gonna need more yellow fabric for that.
Happy weekend!

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