Monday, April 12, 2010

I Won a Prize!

I am on Flickr and one of the many groups in which I take part is Fresh Modern Quilts.  The leader of this group, Rossie, recently announced that the group has over 2000 members.  In order to celebrate this milestone, she organized a large give-away of wonderful quilty prizes.

I was the third person drawn to win a prize. The third!  I got to pick which prize I wanted! (Now there were 2 people who got to choose ahead of me so it was possible that the item I wanted most would not be available.)  So Rossie had us all send her our top three choices. The two people ahead of me did not choose the same prize as me.

My top choice was the book Denyse Schmidt Quilts by Denyse Schmidt.  Signed by the author!

It was waiting for me with today's mail when I came home.  175 pages of quilting techniques, tips, patterns and inspiration. 

Many quilters consider her the leader in the trend toward Modern Quilting, so I am excited to learn more about how she quilts. She has a web page which showcases her gorgeous fabric designs and quilt patterns.

Flickr accounts are free and they allow you to post up to 200 photos. If you want to  post more than that number, you can get a Pro account for $20.00 per year. With either kind of account you can join groups and look at photos from other users. You can comment on other users' photos and get feedback on your own. 
Flickr is a pretty amazing community. I use it to share my photos with family members and friends and also to get inspiration for my sewing and quilting projects. I am a member of a Schnauzer group in addition to various groups related to fabric, sewing, quilting and creating with wool.  There are sew-alongs, contests, give-aways, encouragement, advice and much more.
Thanks, Rossie and thanks, Denyse for the great prize! 

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