Sunday, April 18, 2010

Almost May Flowers

Yesterday my sister and I ran errands in town.  She helped me pick out a few plants to pot up for my porch. She is my gardening go-to girl.

This margaurite daisy is a cheerful flower. I potted it up in my strawberry jar. I have had some trouble in the past keeping plants happy in this container. Hopefully my luck will be better this time.
I bought this calf-nursing bucket at a yard sale for $5. The rubber nipple at the bottom is broken off, but since I have no calves to feed, I do not mind. The best feature of this bucket is that it has a hook for hanging onto a fence.

I envisioned that this would make a good planter for the railing of my porch.  I rounded up an empty flower pot, some potting soil and planted it with these two Bacopas.  They will fill out and creep over the edges of the bucket.

I also got a bag of dahlia roots, but they are not potted up yet. I am still thinking about where I want them.  Now I just have to remember to water these 2 pots and keep them alive.
I sewed these small star blocks together into one big block. I love the way it looks alternating the colors this way. I used the zig-zag stitch and some red Sulky 12 weight thread. Most of the squares are just butted up to each other and the zig-zag catches both edges at once. For some of the edges, I had to overlap layers slightly. This is because those layers of felted wool are different thicknesses and did not want to feed through the machine evenly.  More of these to come.

Hope y'all had a great weekend!

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