Friday, March 26, 2010

Compaq Covered

Here is the finished laptop sleeve for the Compaq laptop.  I added an outside pocket to the design for storage of little things like flashdrives. This turned out slightly looser than I expected. I am thinking of shrinking it in the wash for a tighter fit.

This color palette is not what I would normally choose, but I am pleased at how it turned out. The yellow is so spring-like and a good shot of color after a dreary winter is a good thing.

Just one more week at school before SPRING BREAK!  Lord, just let me hold on til then!

Happy weekend, people!



  1. Very nice. I think I need to make one now!

  2. The first one is the hardest to make and then you are looking for more laptops, kindles, ipads and whatnot to make them for.


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