Monday, February 22, 2010

Some Projects Don't Turn Out

Since my mother's birthday was on Sunday and I was going to attend her birthday dinner hosted by my aunt and uncle, I thought I would whip up a project for her.  I chose these fabrics because she loves moose and her favorite color is green.

The plan was to make her a checkbook cover to fit her top stub checks.  I used directions that I found online and adjusted the dimensions to accommodate the fact that top stub checks are slightly taller than regular checks. 

I could not make it look right. It was all good until the time to turn the checkbook right side out and stitch up the side. Suddenly it was wonky and too stuffed with batting.

I tore out stitches and redid part of it with less batting and tried again. Still no luck.  Ended up in the garbage.

Some days you are the Louisville Slugger and some days you are the ball.

Mom loved the beautiful quilted wallhanging I gave her instead. 

 Happy Birthday, Mom!

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