Monday, February 15, 2010

2010 Dog Olympics

It is time for the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show again. This annual event is competing with the Winter Olympics for my attention.

The first night of competition is televised tonight on the USA network and on CNBC. Judged tonight will be the Hound group, the Toy group, the Non-Sporting group and the Herding group.

Tomorrow night will be the Sporting group, the Working group and (my favorites) the Terrier group.  After all 7 group winners are determined the best in show winner will be chosen.

Hometown favorites (in order of preference)
One day I hope to travel to NYC and see the Westminster for myself. In addition to the coverage shown on tv, the dogs are on display for the entire time of the competition and you can talk with the breeders and handlers about specific breeds. Each breed has its own competition to determine which dogs get into the best of group ring.

Thousands of dogs compete for the glory of being called "Best in Show."  Lest you think that this show is only about purebred dogs, one of the main sponsers, Pedigree Dog Food, has an extensive program to benefit shelter dogs. All through the show, commercials run that urge potential dog owners to seek their new friends from among the many homeless dogs that deserve good homes. 

Personally I have owned both purebred and mixed breed dogs. Most of them came to me secondhand (in need of a good home.) My current dog, Conner is a purebred Schnauzer (pet quality only) that I got from his first owner when she realized she could not devote enough time and attention to him.

Love dogs!   Love the Westminster Kennel Club! Don't have time to watch the Olympics tonight!

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