Monday, February 22, 2010

Oddysea Bricks Quilt Top

Here is my latest quilt top created from fabric by Momo in a line called Oddysea.  This is the bricks pattern, which I have used in this quilt and also in this one.  I love the way this pattern comes together easily and shows off larger pieces of the fabrics.
I started off with a layer cake of the Oddysea fabric.  A layer cake is 40 10-inch squares of coordinating fabrics in a designer's line.  Where there were some duplicate blocks in this pack, I changed the orientation of the design before cutting it in half.  I cut each 10 inch square into 2 rectangles measuring 5x10 inches. Then I took some of those rectangles and cut them in half again to make some 5 inch squares. 

I sort of randomly pulled the rectangles from the pile as I was sewing, but if I thought there was too much of one color in one area, I switched the blocks around some.

To get the bricks to be offset, I made 2 kinds of rows. The first row has 6 bricks sewn together. The next row begins with half a brick (the 5 inch square) then includes 5 more bricks and finishes with another half brick.  (Just like the real bricklayers do!)
I just kept making these rows and sewing them together until I got the quilt top to be the size I think I want it to be.  I still have some rectangles and squares left over and I have not decided if I want to include them on the backing.
I love this line of fabric--the ocean theme, the bright whimsical prints, the fishies, the seashells.  This is not a winter wonderland, that is for sure!  Makes me think of hot summer days at the beach--come on summertime!

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