Monday, January 18, 2010

Pieces of Eight Finished

I started this stacked coins quilt some time ago and had not finished it. I was trying to use the quilt as you go method as a way of not having to wrangle large quilts under my normal sized sewing machine. It made the quilting much easier to work on smaller pieces at a time, but I was stumped about a good way to finish it off.

When I joined these three sections together, I ended up with a noticeable lumpy seam on the front of the quilt. I wanted the back to be smooth, with no toe-catching seams, but that left a mess on the front to contend with.

I got a flash of inspiration recently at how easy it is to bind a quilt using folded strips from a jelly roll. I joined two strips to give me the length I needed, folded it in half and sewed it along the seam just as though I were sewing a binding onto the edge of the quilt. Then I flipped it over the raw seam and stitched it down, covering up the seam allowances neatly!

I used additional strips from the jelly roll to make the binding. Once this goes through the washing machine it will be ready for me to use.

The fabric in this quilt is Nest by Tula Pink, one of my favorite collections and favorite designers. This is the second quilt I have made using this collection and I still have four yards of my favorite print in four different colorways. In case you are curious it is these birds formed from foliage.

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