Saturday, September 26, 2009

Woolly Punkins

I made these using the neverending stash of hand dyed orange wool. I cut 6 identical leaf shapes from assorted wool and sewed them together with the seam on the outside to suggest the ribs of a pumpkin. I have used the same shape to create a round ball of fabric in the past. This differs in only that the seams are on the outside and the smooth part is on the inside. If I had turned these inside out and sewed them closed the result would have been similar to this.

I added a stem to each one made from some felted brown sweater wool, rolled up into a tube and sewn together like a felt cigar. A leaf cut from some green felted wool adds some more color.

I added some decorative stitching to the ribs with nice varigated perle cotton in a colorway that perfectly matches this wool. I also squished the pumpkins and stitched through all the layers from top to bottom to give it a squash like shape, rather than the shape of a ball.

These will be fall decorations in the windowsill of my classroom.

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