Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More Birds in Trees

A new project that I am working on features 2 blue birds facing each other on the branch of a tree. Between them they are holding a large flower. I got the idea as I was planning my last bird project. I thought a pair of lovebirds holding a heart would be nice, but Valentine's Day is long over. Then I imagined a pair of real birds courting in the spring, preparing to nest. Perhaps one would present his mate with a fresh spring blossom. Anyway, this is the result.

This time the tree is in leaf, so that the flower could stand out in the composition. As always, the pieces are cut from felted wool and hand stitched. There was some hand dyeing involved-- the background fabric and parts of the flower were all dyed in my kitchen.

The backing of this project is a darker teal colored wool and it has been blanket stitched around the edges to finish it.

Here is a detail photo of the birds with the flower. I used perle cotton to embroider the beaks and a French knot for each eye. I get the felt balls from Handbehg on Etsy. I tried making some, but not much luck there.

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