Saturday, April 2, 2011

Conner and Kippington

 This was just 2 weeks ago and already he seems so much bigger.  Here Kippy (I call him Kippington for formal occasions) is walking himself around the yard with his leash. 

 Conner and Kippy get along pretty well. When Conner tires of his puppy antics he lets Kippy know to cut out the foolishness. The cats have accepted Kippy as well, but they will administer a punishment if he gets too fresh with them.
 Look at the size of these feet. I am afraid this dog is going to be pony sized. That is a little too big for me, but I will just deal with it.  That face is too cute to resist.

 Here he is stretched out full length on the bed. He does not know "Move over" yet, and taking a nap with 2 dogs and 2 cats is a crowded affair. At night, Kippy sleeps in his crate.
 Note the blue collar. It is his second collar because he kept breaking the clasp open on the first one and then running wildly around the yard daring me to catch him.  This collar is for big dogs and strong. I had to poke holes in it to make it fit and already I have had to adjust it for his growing size.
This morning we all lounged around in the bed while I read magazines and watched a Harry Potter movie. He is fitting into the household very well and is a real sweetheart.  When he is not figuring out how to remove dirty clothes from the hamper, he is all snuggle.


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