Saturday, September 25, 2010

Completed Blocks for Quilt As You Go Quilt-Along Round 2

It is so dry here I have been worrying about the birds. Where do they find a drink in this arid landscape?  I was going to put together a fountain from clay pots and a fish tank pump, but this one was on clearance at Lowe's. $60, people!  Now the birds can find plenty of water!
These are the completed blocks for the Quilt As You Go Quiltalong2.  I did a loopy free motion quilting on this one to echo the design of the yarn balls.
The red print at the bottom is a shirt that I wore for about a year to work, but it always irritated me the way it let my bra straps show too often. So I chopped it up and made it part of these blocks.
The blue print on the right is part of a thrifted sheet. I decided to leave the top hem intact and just quilt over it. My Threadbanger hardly complained at all.
My favorite block so far. I love this bird print and tried to do some swirly loops around it while just stippling the rest of the block.
One of the backing fabrics I am using. This is one of my favorite prints from Sweetwater in the Make Life line. I wish I had bought more of it, especially the multi-colorway version. Now I am having trouble finding any more. 

I have more blocks sewn together, but not pinned yet.  I am pretty happy with how these blocks have turned out so far. I am still working on getting there to be less "eyelashing" on the back. 


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