Sunday, July 18, 2010

Last Year's Wool Beach Quilt and Inspiration for a New One

I made this last year after a wonderful trip to the Outer Banks, NC. You can see I entered it in the county fair.
It is embellished with shells I picked up on the shore near Cape Hatteras.
I am feeling inspired by these photos from First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach to create another small beachy art quilt. I will probably use cotton as a base this time and layer on other materials to create my picture.
This cute sailboat may make it into the picture.
I love this line of pilings that extends out into the Chesapeake Bay. At certain times of day each piling is occupied by a pelican or other sea bird. This will feature prominently in my beach quilt. I am thinking of how to construct the pilings in fabric.

I have a handful of small shells and some sand that I plan to incorporate into the quilt. I am thinking of using a layer of sheer fabric with the shells and sand underneath. We'll see how it turns out.



  1. Love the quilt!!!
    Why did you use wool? I have never used and wool but I've read that its a drean to work with.

  2. Thanks! It is meant to be a decorative wall hanging/ mini art quilt. Wool is great to stitch with, especially for hand work.


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