Sunday, May 16, 2010

Some Free Motion Quilting

I did some free motion quilting today on this quilt. The top has been done for a while and then I had sewing machine issues. It took a little while (weeks) to get that ironed out, and I wanted to get the hang of FMQ on my new machine before I worked on this large quilt.

The most challenging part of FMQ on the Threadbanger is that there is no extension table to make it fit into my sewing table. So every time I need to change the bobbin, I have to remember to move the machine back over so that there is not a big gap on the left side. Otherwise, I will have problems sliding the fabric around under the foot.

The other large quilt I have made was done with vertical line quilting and so I had fewer issues with moving around so much fabric under the needle.

I am trying to do as Leah Day recommends and only focus on the fabric between my two hands. I did find with so much fabric piled up around the machine I had to be extra careful that no stray corners crept under the part I was quilting. That happened one time today and I caught it almost instantly, so I only had to pick out about 5 stitches. 
The back of this quilt is a vintage sheet in the most perfect cool tones to match the front! It was a lucky find at Goodwill.


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  1. What a perfect match for the back of your quilt!


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