Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wool Star Blocks

I started these hand appliqued blocks the other night. I was inspired by this wallhanging and this one called Starry

I went through my wool stash and pulled some red, white and blue felted wool.  Some of the red wool comes from a blazer and some of the white wool comes from a skirt. all the rest is from felted sweaters. 

I cut a 5 inch square from foam board (it is what I had on hand) and used it as a guide for cutting the red and blue squares. Some are not exactly 5 inches to allow for purposeful wonkiness.

The stars are hand cut using the freezer paper method. I drew a 4 inch star using Autoshapes in Microsoft word and printed it out.

The I traced the star many times on the matte side of the freezer paper making sure that I placed the stars close together so as to not waste wool. I used my iron on the wool setting to stick the paper to the back of the wool. After letting it cool, I cut out the stars. 

There is still enough plastic left on the freezer paper to use to cut out some more stars. I have plans to make some more stars in red and blue.
Using my Sulky Blendable 12 wt. thread in the patriotic colorway, I blanket stitched around each star. Each block has a button in the center.  The Sulky thread was really easy to use for blanket stitching by hand. 
These are like potato chips!  It is impossible to make just one or two or even a just a dozen.
Waiting breathlessly for Spring Break to come! Just one more day.

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