Friday, April 2, 2010

For the Birds!

I put these together this evening after seeing some on Etsy.  Mine contain wool scraps from felted sweaters, persian wool yarns, mohair yarns, wool roving in assorted colors and strips of natural cotton batting. 
The container is a suet cake holder with a chain for hanging.  Some others I have seen online use mesh bags, but I think the metal holder provides easier access for the birds.

It is recommended that these are hung near a source for mud.  I have just the puddle, but you could make your own mud puddle using a dish pan, dirt and a small amount of water. You do not want to create a breeding area for mosquitos.
The birds use the mud for mortar when building their nests.  Last year, I witnessed a bird in my yard taking small bits of straw or sticks and dipping them in the mud puddle before flying with them to the nest he or she was building.
I am looking forward to seeing birds in my neighborhood as they visit the box and select materials for the nests they will make soon.  I am also looking forward to seeing if I can spy  any of the brightly colored bits of fiber in nests around my yard. 

These are all spoken for (Mom, Glory, Me and Stacey), but I am considering making more for sale. Leave a comment here or send me an email.


  1. Great idea. Thanks for sharing. I've always struggled with how to share my yard and fabric scraps with birds. This is a perfect way.


  2. Love this idea! Gonna get one started today. Nice to my bird friends and fun to see if I have colorful nests.


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