Monday, April 5, 2010

RIP Sushi Wong

My oldest animal companion Sushi passed on to the next world today.  He was about 19 years old and lived a long, happy life.
Lately his quality of life suffered as he got more senile and was not able to take care of his hygiene. He also was mostly blind and had a hard time getting around the house. It was hard to make the decision to let him go, but I could not stand to see him suffer.
Like most of my pets, Sushi had both official and unofficial names. His official name was Sushi Wong. For fun, I sometimes called him Hairy Belafonte. He was beautiful and sweet.
I like to think that he has gone on to a pain free existence in a realm where there are plenty of sunshine puddles and mice to chase. Thank you, Sushi, for many years of companionship. I won't forget.


  1. So sorry. Beautiful boy.

  2. I'm so sorry on the passing of your dear kitty. But you still have your road buddy to keep you company! Polly

  3. What a truly gorgeous kitty! I'm so sorry for your loss, our pets are such an enormous part of our lives. And I'm laughing because I thought I was the only one who gave "nicknames" to all my pets!

  4. I'm so sorry for your loss. My sweet dog Mo passed away last summer, and I miss her everyday. Sushi was very handsome. xo


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