Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bluebirds of Happiness & a Baby Quilt Top

Last night I sorted the charm squares and then chose some to cut in half.  This morning I started sewing the top together using these directions from Elizabeth from Oh, Fransson!

There is a mistake and no, I am not taking it apart to fix it I do not look forward to frogging it.  I used Kona cotton for the pink sashing.

This afternoon I used the freezer paper method to cut out these birds and wings from an assortment of fabrics in my stash. I wanted to see if I had any better luck doing machine blanket stitch without using any batting under the fabrics. It worked out pretty well.

                     I will make this into a narrow wall hanging. 

I got a new sewing table last Saturday at the Salvation Army Store. I am not even sure it is really a sewing table, but it has an adjustable shelf in the front that fits my Brother sewing machine perfectly.  It even holds the flat top sewing platform that came with the machine. Now I just need to get one of those Teflon sheets to lay over the sewing area and I am good to go, Leah Day style.

(Did I mention that the price tag said 25 dollars, but they were having a 30 percent off sale?  Oh yeah!  I had just decided which cheapish sewing table I was going to purchase for about 140 dollars this week.  Yes, I am feeling rich!)

Just now I raised up the platform to make it even with the tabletop and am using it with my laptop to write this post.
I am feeling better about Sushi today. Thanks for the kind comments.

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