Friday, March 12, 2010

Toad Chokers and the Coming of Spring

UPDATE:   I spent an hour on the phone Friday with the Dell Customer Service Tech and finally got an authorization to send the computer back.  I also bought an additional year's warranty for a very reasonable price to ensure that once the computer comes back to me after the original warranty expires, I will still be able to get it worked on if need be.  Today-- March 17, I was finally able to get the Dell shipped back via Fed-Ex. Had to make a special trip to the Fed-ex store. Will attempt to wait patiently for it to come back.  I miss you cherry red, Dell Mini 9!


It was not that great a day yesterday.

My beloved Dell Mini died. DIED.

I had to work late for Parent-Teacher Conferences.

It started to pour down rain as I walked through the dark school campus to get to my car.

It continued to rain--toad choker style all the way home.

Then I saw these. Occasionally, along the roadway, awake from hibernation

to herald the arrival of another SPRING!

There is nothing a toad likes more than a warm spring toad-choking rain!

(Unless it's a lady toad)

I love toads--I had one as a pet for a long time.

Sooo, I took a personal day today so I could enjoy a nice relaxing three day weekend.

Before the relaxing can begin, I need to call Dell and get directions for sending my dead Mini back to them.

That's right-- it was still under warranty-- for 14 more days! Take that dead hard drive!

Meanwhile I will keep limping along with only my backup desktop (not portable) and my Ipod for my computer needs.

It's rough, people!
Hope some happy signs of spring are headed your way soon!


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