Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Love Techmology!

My sister passed on her old laptop to me which I have worked on for a couple of days cleaning off old files and setting it up with my programs and stuff.  I had to set up my home network (again) and even figured out how to bridge the disconnect between 2 different operating systems in order to make my printer work with both laptops. Since this laptop has a great deal of file storage capacity, I am going to use it with Office 2007 and to load my photos to Flikcr and my blog.  I will also take it to work occasionally to do reports for the admin at my school.
Then yesterday my Dell Mini came back home. It had some newly installed hardware and the original programs installed again.  I needed to set it up again with email, but I have decided against installing Office 2007 again. I think that program is so large that it caused more problems than benefits. So I think that the small computer will be my travel model, used mostly for surfing the Internet, email and Skype (maybe.)

Of course I have the Ipod, which is in all practical senses a tiny, tiny computer.  I stacked the techmology (spelling is intentional) in a pile like turtles basking in the sun. I crack myself up!
On a work related note, my favorite IT tech of all time came to my room today and installed the new cable for the printer, so that now we can print with our thin clients.  It took him all of five minutes to make me very happy!

I hope your techmology is working for you today!

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