Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Green Day!

Here is a work in progress. It is the next panel for my ticker tape quilt. The first panel features a medium blue solid for the background and used red and blue scraps. This one is a sea of green.

I prefer to lay out the trimmed scraps and pin them in place before starting to sew them down. I fussy cut some of the scraps to feature the print.  I am amazed by how many shades of green there are here.

After I get a few more of these panels done, I will assemble them into a quilt. This follows the quilt as you go method, so there will be a few seams to cover when I join the panels.

Here is my finished Love Is In the Air Rail Fence quilt.  It shrank a good bit in the dryer, but is still a generous lap sized cover. I will go ahead and use it even though Valentine's Day was some time ago and Easter is coming on quickly!

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  1. This is gorgeous. I love the colors. It is really neat!


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