Friday, February 5, 2010

Even More Snow!

This is how Conner likes to spend our days at home. See my toe there in my fuzzy slippers. He is on top of the felted wool afghan I made from old sweaters.
It seemed like hundreds of birds flew between this snowy hedge and the feeding center on my porch today. There were the usual snowy weather birds for this area and this....

Red-headed woodpecker. I had quite a time getting these photos because

#1 they were taken through the window with no flash and

#2 Sammy L. Jackson kept lunging at the glass and scaring off the birds whenever I got close with the camera.

Also, I SWEAR I saw a bird with a white head and a red crest of feathers for just a moment before it flew off. I have never seen a bird like that in the wild before, I am sure it was someone's escaped cockatiel or other tropical bird. I hope it can live through this storm.

Now the sleet is beating against the house and I am hoping that the power stays on. It is mighty uncomfortable here with no heat! For now I am enjoying the full use of my computer, my ipod, Facebook, blogland, Flickr and the telly.
Stay safe and warm everybody!

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  1. Oh your little Conner is such a sweetie! I hope you are staying warm.


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