Monday, February 1, 2010

Back on Track

This is a new project for me. I used my jelly roll of Nest by Tula Pink and cut 5 inch strips. Then I picked through the Kona Solids jelly roll and found colors to coordinate. This is inspired by the Paint Box Quilt that Elizabeth at Oh, Fransson has provided a tutorial for. I am not following her directions exactly, but using them to guide my sewing on this new quilt. I have not thought of a snappy name for this quilt yet.

These blocks need to be trimmed and pressed. Then I will add another border with white fabric.

Sammy L. Jackson found my bag of scraps and crawled in through the partially open zipper. Someone forgot to tell him that it is dangerous to play in plastic bags.

I redid my quilt for the Sweethearts Rock Swap. In the original one I made I did not add the border before binding it and the binding crowded the appliqued hearts too much. This looks much better. I will send this out along with the other goodies in plenty of time for it to arrive by Valentine's Day.

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