Saturday, January 30, 2010

Projects I Plan To Do

The sad fact is that it is too cold in this house for me to sew. The heat pump which heats and cools this house cannot keep up with the demand for heat when it is windy and snowy outside. So most of the day has been spent looking out the window at the snow swirling all through the air, bundled up in fleece and fuzzy boots, covered with a felted wool afghan and several pets.
Sewing does not happen in such an atmosphere. So really all I have been able to do is read and ponder sewing projects that I want to do in the near future. Here are some of the things that have been inspiring me lately in the world of sewing.

Elizabeth at Oh, Fransson has shared much information on making a paint box quilt using jelly roll strips of solid colors and scraps of your favorite prints. I already have the scraps and the jelly roll of Kona Solids. I even sketched out my idea for what my blocks will look like (because I really don't follow directions very well.)
In the world of felted wool, I recently got this pattern from Betz White using sweater scraps to create these adorable hedgehogs. (I love hedgehogs and have more than once considered getting one for a pet. They require a huge woodland habitat, however, and my house is just not big enough. And, I think my cats would try to eat it.) Anyway, I have plenty of wool to choose from and envision making several in different color combos. My little niece Alexa might get one or two in the mail!
I have a jelly roll of Love Is in The Air by Deb Strain that I think I will make into a Rail Fence quilt and maybe a table runner or two. I also still need to finish my gift project for the Sweethearts Rock Swap. I have finished an applique heart quilt for my swap partner, but I find fault with it. I may very well make another before the deadline.
My in-progress New York quilt needs quilting and binding.
I want to make a sturdy storage pouch for my ipod using some canvas fabric and the directions from Elizabeth at Oh, Fransson on the Sew Mama Sew blog for the laptop case. I have already made 2 laptop cases using these directions and they turned out great.
Well, here's hoping that the cold will not keep me from creating for long. Meanwhile, I have a book to finish reading and more to start. I have laundry to do, facebook posts to read, an ipod to play with, pets to cater to and other mundane things to keep my busy.

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