Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Swan Wool Appliques

Found a nice free pattern for the swan cut from cream felted wool and hand appliqued to festive plaid wool background. Holly is cut from overdyed green wool and berries from red wool. The stitching is done with perle cotton. I used a variegated perle cotton for the detail on the wing.

This one is stitched to a background of charcoal gray wool. These have not been finished yet-- I am thinking throw pillows.

All the wool came from thrift store garments washed and felted by me.

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  1. These are very lovely!! They are going to make beautiful holiday pillows.

    I finally got my needle felting tools from my sister. Had to drive 480 miles to get them!!! LOL Seriously, I usually go visit her in the Fall, so it was no problem. She also gave me quite a bit of roving and wool pieces. Just haven't had time to play with it since getting back.


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