Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ironing Board Makeover

This is the new to me ironing board I got for $3 at the Salvation Army thrift store. It sits on a table and has a raised base. It looks pretty rough here, but is in good shape except for the worn out cover.

Here it is after a makeover. I used spray adhesive to attach a new layer of cotton batting to the board. Then I chose some sturdy fabric from my stash and laid it out on my work area. I cut around the ironing board shape leaving several inches to overlap.

I made a channel for cording and threaded through some jute string using my handy knitting needle. (This needle has no mate and is only used for threading elastic and the like and for turning out sharp corners and narrow tubes of fabric. I imagine at some point in its life it had a mate and was used for knitting. I got it in a box of assorted sewing notions from a yard sale and saved it thinking that it would come in handy for something and it has.)

Then I laid the new cover on, flipped over the ironing board and pulled the cord until the cover was tightly stretched. I am sure I will break it in soon pressing some blocks. (It is not going to get much use ironing clothing!)

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