Saturday, October 17, 2009

Applique Flower Blocks

Conner hanging out in the fresh air and new fallen leaves.

I used wax paper patterns for these blocks. I traced the shapes on wax paper and ironed them to the back of the fabrics I had chosen. Then I cut them out and pinned them to the background fabric. I did not use fusible web this time, just pinned the shapes in place and used the satin stitch (zig zag) to sew them into place.

I sewed the petals first, then the stems and leaves and saved the center of the flower for last to cover up the exposed edges of the other pieces. The batting is used as a stabilizer so I can do the embroidery with the sewing machine. When I finish these into a quilt, I will need to add some more batting along with the fabric backing.

This is my first successful attempt at machine applique and I am very happy with how the blocks look so far.

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