Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pumpkins Gone Wild Quilt and a Twin Quilt

Halloween Quilt finished--made with Sandy Gervais fabric "Pumpkins Gone Wild." It is about 45 inches squared.

I used 2 different kinds of quilting here. I stipple quilted the inside borders around the stacked coins. A lot of this quilting came out looking like the shape of oak leaves--very nice!

Here I used the free motion quilting to sign my initials and the year. Surprisingly, this came out looking pretty good for a first try at this.

For the outside border I quilted with bubbles. This is harder to do than the random squiggle stippling. I am pretty satisfied with this first attempt.

This quilt top came from my sister via a thrift store find. This is half of the top after I adjusted the pink borders to fit the new dimensions. I quilted it along the lines of the blocks and around the border.

The backing is Noah's Ark Alexander Henry fabric and it is bound with the same. I am calling this Twin Quilt because I have another one just like it to put together and quilt. They will be nice snuggly quilts for a set of girl twins.

Neither of these have been washed yet, which will give them more texture and that nice finished look.

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