Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wool Applique Art

This is a wool applique project inspired by my recent trip to the beach. It is a crow standing near a sandcastle. I used upcycled wool garments as the source for my felted wool.

Recently I began to use wax paper to help me transfer designs for cutting. I traced the shapes onto the wax paper and then ironed it onto the wool fabrics I had chosen for this design. I even embroidered over the paper for the wool shells so that I could get the swirl design right. Once I finished the embroidery I tore off the paper. I was surprised at how easy it was.

I started this cat before vacation and this is how far I got before I abandoned it (temporarily.) I used wax paper to transfer this design from a quilting magazine my aunt loaned me. The problems started with embroidering the toes. I tried to free hand them several times and they looked like cr**! I picked them out over and over again then tried to mark the lines with a chalk pencil. Well, chalk pencil does not stick to a felted sweater! AAAARRRGGGHHH! I muddled through the toes and then quit.
I got the idea to retrace the face on some fresh wax paper and soon I will iron it onto the wool. Then I will embroider the face through the paper, tear the paper away and reveal a perfect cat face! I love the eyes on this cat.
I am planning to make another one with gray and black wool. I love these sly looking kitties! I am thinking one for my vet, one for my uncle, one for . . . .

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