Sunday, July 5, 2009

Back Home!

We are back home from the beach. We drove up to Virginia Beach from Hatteras Village on Saturday to spend the 4th of July. We got a hotel room in which the dogs relaxed while we went out on a fireworks cruise out of Lynnehaven Marina. We saw and chatted with a young man whom we met last year at the same cruise. He was and still is one of the mates on the boat, working for tips. He revealed that he plans to join the Coast Guard, but that working on a fishing boat has been his dream job since he was a little kid.

We drove back today and about an hour out of Virginia Beach it started raining. It was the first rain for the whole week with the exception of a small shower one night while we were sleeping. The luggage bags on the roof made the windows leak and the inside of the car is damp. There are also 2 very wet luggage bags that will need dealing with tomorrow.

It was a great vacation and those cabanas are so cute it would be nice to buy one, if only the drive there was not so long.

Waiting for me in my mailbox were four pieces of fabric I ordered while on vacation--two pieces of Tula Pink's Perched fabric from the Nest collection and 2 other pieces of fabric for a present for my mother. I may have time to take out the sewing machine tomorrow, if I get enough vacation clean up done.


  1. Hi Gale! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I saw that you asked a question about piecing the blocks together ... unfortunately, your comment was set to "no-reply", so I have no way of emailing you! Anyhow, there really is no pattern to that block. I started with a 1.5" square of the center fabric, and then started adding 1.5" strips to two sides of that square. I did it in order: right side and then top using one fabric, then right side and then top using the 2nd fabric, etc.... once it was the center + 5 sets of "logs", I squared it up to 6.5" square. Hope this helps!!

  2. A jelly roll is a great option for this ... but I would adjust my directions to make it easier on yourself. Instead of a 1.5" center square, I would use a 2.5" center square and then 2.5" "logs" for the remainder of the block. Less cutting for you! You could do a center + 3 sets of logs and square up at 8.5", or center + 4 sets of logs and square up at 10.5", or center + 5 sets of logs and square up at 12.5"!


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