Thursday, May 21, 2009

What I Have Been Making

I got a new sewing machine at Easter and have switched over from working with wool to working with cotton. I have made several projects since my last crafting post.

The fruit ladies fabric has been made into a beach bag. I have enough fabric for 2 bags, but have only made one so far. In the photo it looks pretty floppy and it is true that I did not use any interfacing or batting to give it stiffness. I figure that once it is filled with beach towels, books, sunscreen and dog treats the shape will be okay.
I used these directions to help me create this bag. The denim straps and bottom came from a pair of $1 jeans from the Goodwill. I broke a needle making the straps because I thought I had put in a heavy weight needle and it was not. Breaking a needle while sewing is pretty scary. Luckily there was no bleeding. Once I got the correct needle in the machine, the denim was not a problem at all.
More finished projects after I let Conner outside. He is "ooffing" at me to get off the computer.

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