Thursday, May 21, 2009

The School Year is Ending--Finally!

Whew! I have four more school days if I count the teacher workday at the end. This time of year is so tiring and stressful. Most of the last 2 weeks I have been assisting with Standards of Learning Tests for 3rd and 4th graders. Everyone's nerves are frayed and ragged. The bright spot is that I have a three day weekend coming up.

My sister and I are going to VA Beach with two of our dogs--my Schnauzer and her Australian Cattle Dog. Conner has been to the beach many times and he could really care less. I take him because I do not want to be away from him. Merle has never been to the beach, but if the way he enjoys his fish pond and trips to the river is any indication, he is in for the time of his life.
The weather is going to be pretty warm for this time of year--80 degrees. Stacey would prefer it to be hotter if she is going in the water. I am sure we are in for a good time.

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