Friday, March 6, 2009

Bird Sitting on Flowering Cherry Tree

This is my latest completed project. It is stitched on blue wool and features a bird sitting on the branch of a cherry tree. It is about 11 x 16 inches.
The blossoms are cut from cream wool and centered with some dark pink
boiled wool felt. The stitching on the flowers is perle cotton in two shades,
pink and burgandy. The branch is cut from a brown felted sweater and is stitched with persian wool. The bird is cut from a blue lambswool felted sweater with an accent in cream wool. It is stitched with perle cotton. I used brown floss the embroider the beak and legs. You can use your imagination to determine which kind of bird it is!
I decided that this project would be finished with a back that covers up the stitches. So I used another piece of wool in a dark gray/blue and backed the penny rug. I stitched the two sides together with a neat blanket stitch in burgandy perle cotton. I am pretty satisfied with how it turned out.
The differences in color in the photo result from using or not using the flash. The flash tends to wash out some of the colors, but allows you to see more details. I have a lighting problem in the house and tend to take my pictures in the evening after work.


  1. Gale, your latest work is lovely! What beautiful glimpse towards spring!

  2. Gale, what lovely work a sweet glimpse of the promise of spring!


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