Saturday, January 8, 2011

Baby Burp Cloths

I have seen several sets of directions for sewing burp cloths. Some of the more fancy ones I have seen are only made with flannel. I read some comments that several people had made that the flannel does not absorb spit up as well as the diapers. So I decided to use the diaper fabric for one side and flannel for the other.
At another time I made a set of these and only used flannel on the center section of the diaper. I was not totally thrilled with how those turned out, so changes were made with this set.

 These are made with girly flannel and cotton diapers. I cut the flannel to match the size of the diaper. Then I sewed the flannel on three sides, right sides together.

I turned it right sides out and topstitched around the sides, making sure to fold under the unsewn side for a neat finish. These are all flannel on one side and all cotton on the other.  
Slowly getting back into sewing.

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