Monday, September 6, 2010


What I have been up to on this holiday weekend is not all that photogenic.  I have been laboring!

*moved tv cabinet and hooked up the ROKU box. (this took about an hour!)

*listed a ton of items on Etsy-- things that have been finished and waiting to be listed for some time now.

*installed a new curtain rod and curtain for the living room window where I do most of my quilt photos.

*made a new quilt top from whole cloth, with some added borders. (no photo yet)

*put new seat covers on the front seats of my car.

*went through my WIPS pile and found one quilt that needs to be finished with FMQ and two more that are ready to be trimmed and bound.

*went through my recent fabric purchases and organized them.

*got tired and took a nap!

Well, maybe I will be able to add some more things to this list before the weekend officially ends.


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