Thursday, July 8, 2010

Electronics Travel Organizer

After making the Nook Cover I started thinking how I could adapt this design to make something to carry around personal electronics-- things like MP3 players, Nintendo DS and the like.

I did some measurements and a drawing, basically a rectangle 10 x 26 inches. I planned to make 6 inch pockets on each end with the whole organizer being folded to about 9 inches.

I chose to use Warm and Natural batting as a stitching foundation for the strips of Nest by Tula Pink. I chose the green and white lattice print from that line for the lining.

My Janome TB-12 has only a few decorative stitches, but they worked like a dream with no skipped stitches or hiccups of any kind. I used brown thread for the decorative stitching to coordinate with the colors in the Nest fabrics.

On the Nook project I used a binded edge. This time I decided to sew the lining pillow-cover style and flip it right side out.  Before turning I trimmed the seam allowances down to eliminate extra bulk.

Once I had my rectangle and lining complete, I took some additional measurements and marked with pins where I wanted my pockets to be.  If you make one, you will want to customize it to your own electronics that you plan to put in it. I wanted pockets for cords and chargers, too.

I used more brown thread to topstitch the pockets in place and to close the sides.

I did break a needle at the very end of the project when attempting to stitch through 4 layers of fabric and 2 layers of batting at a corner (fat with seam allowances!)  The needle had been used for at least 5 projects-- so was understandably weak and tired!  (Yes, I know that you are supposed to change to a new needle with each project-- I just don't.)

I am pretty happy with how this turned out. I may add a button and elastic closure just to keep it from unfolding in a purse.


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  1. What a clever little project! Good job, YOU! Polly


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