Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rail Fence Quilt Top

This DNP made with Recess fabrics is backed and bound with a chambrey blue cotton. The thread is a dark blue-green color called Lagoon.
I really like how this turned out, even though these are not my favorite fabrics. This will make a good boy's quilt, but could also be used for a girl.

I sewed three honey bun strips together and then added white on either side. The strips were 7 inches wide, so I cut 7 inch squares.  The prints are from a Nostalgia Honey Bun, part of which I used in another quilt.
I chain pieced these squares with a rail fence pattern.  I was inspired by this quilt I saw on Flickr

I got a clothesline to hang my quilts for photos, but the only place I had to hang it is in shade most of the time. So the picture is too dark, but you get the idea of the pattern.

There are alot of tan, browns, and khaki tones in these honey bun strips, so I am thinking of backing and bordering it with Kona Ash.  Still not sure about that yet, though.

Man it is hot here in Central Virginia. Where my parents are in the tip-top part of Alaska the high is 42 degrees.  Big difference!


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  1. Thanks for sharing!! Yours came out really pretty!!
    I think this is something I may want to use with left over strings or from the stash!!


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