Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Stuck in the Snow

So the other day I got a postcard from the mailman that I needed to clear access to my mailbox. When VDOT plowed the street they left quite a bit of snow piled up in front of the mailbox.

I got the "bright" idea that I would use my car to flatten out some of the snow along the edge of the street so that the mail carrier could get his car close enough to reach my mailbox.

This is the result. Stuck. Embarrassing!

I found some wood ashes and sprinkled them around the front wheels after kicking some of the snow away from the tires. Still stuck and now slinging ash-covered snow around.

While I considered calling the local tow truck company and asking them how much they would charge to move my car less than 20 feet, I went back into the house to get my camera. I thought, "I will shame this car with photos of how foolish she looks stuck in the snow."

I snapped a few photos and got back in the car to continue trying to move it out of the snowbank. I rocked it back and forth by alternating between Drive and Reverse and suddenly.... She was out!

We took a short drive to the local feed store to get some bird food and now she is back safely in the carport. I guess I will just have no mail for a while.

The birdfeeders are full and I am ready for whatever winter weather falls today (they are calling for ice/sleet/snow.)

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