Sunday, December 6, 2009

Rail Fence Quilt Top

I saw a listing on Etsy from another quilter that she was clearing out excess fabric from her stash. Included in the listing were blue and yellow fabric strips and squares. They were all pre-cut to the right size and over half of them were already stitched together into these 3 piece blocks.

I finished sewing the 3 part blocks together, attempting to include at least one piece of yellow with all the blues. Then I pressed them all and started putting them together in this Rail Fence Pattern.

It was a little tricky to make sure that each row alternated correctly, but I only had to rip out one block.

The top finished up a generous lap sized quilt. I made it long enough to cover a tall person since it is intended to be a gift. I will quilt this up soon and then bind it with a pieced binding made from the left over strips.

For less than $20 (for the set of blocks) this was an easy and fast gift project.

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