Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Ribbon Key Fobs

These ribbon key fobs are made with cotton webbing and assorted ribbons. While most of them are 5 inches long, I made a few that are shorter because I could not stand to throw away any of the ends of the ribbon trimmed webbing.

I wish I had gotten more of the webbing while I was in Richmond last weekend. No place around here sells it.

Most of these will end up as gifts for coworkers.

I have used up almost all the hardware I bought a few months back from jcaroline. I love making these key fobs. They are close to instant gratification.

Here is a picture of my old ratty and very comfortable chair. The minute I get up to go into another room for something, Conner jumps up and makes himself right at home. Then when I come back he does not want to get up. The nerve.... anybody would think that he runs the household or something.

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