Monday, November 9, 2009

Clothespin Bobbins

Eye Candy!

Almost too pretty to use!

I saw on another blog that a crafty lady made her own bobbins using wooden dowels and knobs in order to keep her perle cotton neat and ready to use. I got the idea that I could use these clothespins. They are the kind that people use to make dolls from. I wound the yards of perle cotton around the pins and secured the loose end of thread into the split in the shaft of the clothespin.

Now I am sorry that I did not buy more than one bag of these clothespins. I have loads of perle cotton that I have already wound into little balls. I do not care for it in balls because the ends come loose and tangle with the other colors.

I popped these bobbins of perle cotton into a large glass pickle jar to keep them safe from Sammy L. Jackson (the cat.) He thinks that thread is for him to tangle and drag all over the house.

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