Monday, November 9, 2009

Christmas Tree Wall Hanging

Here is the top with the star pieced from golden batik scraps. I sewed the small scraps together until I had a piece big enough to cut the star from. Stitched down with yellow thread.

Detail of the overlapping fabric strips that make the greenery for this tree. Each strip is 8.5 inches long and is stitched in place using raw edge applique by machine. At first I used wider strips the whole way down, then realized there were gaps in the material and you could see the backing fabric through the tree. I went back and stitched more strips in place overlapping some with the others. The second set of strips were more narrow.

At the bottom I added a trunk and base cut from wood grain fabric. I may add a package beneath for extra detail.

This is pretty long. It measures about 50 inches. It fits well on the door.

The background fabric was a ready made curtain panel from the goodwill. It was too wide, so I trimmed some off and hemmed the side to make it usable as a door decoration. It has perfect Christmas colors!

This is not finished yet. I plan to add some rick-rack garland and some ornaments cut from fabric and stitched in place. It will probably hang from my door at school.

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